Nik Lavrinoff

Independent Book Review

The Terrible Truth About Litigation

By Nik Lavrinoff

Genre: Nonfiction / Law / Business

Reviewed by Lisa Parker Hayreh

Honest, pragmatic guidance from a

litigation strategist for anyone in or

contemplating litigation

The author of The Terrible Truth About Litigation, Nik Lavrinoff, is a rare breed of consultant. Honed in the legal jungles of New York City, he has amassed years of experience navigating legal proceedings as a real estate developer. He has also served as a litigation expert for multiple clients. Through this book, he endeavors to arm the average US citizen with his hard-won legal acumen.

This book distills his wisdom into a practical set of information and recommendationsto empower others to successfully negotiate any legal situation. Whether pursuing or defending against litigation, navigating divorce proceedings, negotiating bankruptcy, or contesting a will, this source covers a wide range of types of litigation.

This tome details a clear, concise exposé of the US legal system, complete with definitions of legal terminology. Multiple practical strategies for optimizing effective legal outcomes are provided along with detailed anecdotes to illustrate the application of concepts. Nik Lavrinoff also shares his personal triumphs and struggles along the way. Thankfully for the lay reader, everything is written with a consumer focus in mind.

Thoroughly researched and well-articulated, this volume provides valuable, detailed legal guidance to both the inexperienced and very experienced alike. Going far beyond a legal primer, Nik Lavrinoff provides a wealth of nuanced wisdom as well as specific strategies to optimize legal outcomes in almost any legal situation. Delivered with humor and panache, this source manages to be entertaining and engaging while imparting valuable guidance. Information is clearly presented. Emotional aspects of legal struggles are also highlighted to illustrate the human impact of legal battles. A variety of fascinating anecdotes bring the legal strategies to life in vivid detail. Multiple recommendations assist the reader with applying particular concepts to their own legal challenges. This is an invaluable resource to improve self-advocacy in the legal arena and empower effective choices throughout the litigation process.

Although this book does emphasize a negative view of lawyers and the US legal system, Nik Lavrinoff backs up his views with numerous specific examples and facts. He also points out fantastic examples of attorneys and judges, illustrating how they have helped him and others throughout his experiences. Like having a virtual attorney with your best interests at heart, The Terrible Truth About Litigation delivers practical legal strategy and priceless guidance with compassion and candor.

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